At the heart of every organisation there is a self reaching out to new possibilities

Kellner Rodgers

Enabling rather than stifling ways of working

Organisations are being asked to be so much more in the 21st century – being held accountable by stakeholders far beyond the investor to navigate and grow in continual turbulence, eroding trust, extensive technological and social changes whilst being more values driven, more purpose focused, more people orientated, more socially responsible. More conscious.

Becoming more as an organisation, and still delivering our goals – starts with people and leaders. However – how can our people change if the organisation systems, processes and policies restrict them in old ways of working?

Building a centred organisation means getting the balance of appropriate strategy, structure, governance and policy that provides both direction and oversight with enablement and agility.

How we can help

We have extensive experience working with organisations to strike the right balance. We work systemically – firstly identifying with you what is really going on in the business – and seeking those one or two things where making a simple change will set the organisation on its way.

We help in the following ways:

Clarity of vision and purpose

Developing a clear, engaging vision and purpose, and a supporting narrative that connects to a deeper “why” for the organisation, and engages and inspires employees and customers

Paying attention to culture

Articulating what we really want it to feel like around here - and identifying innovative ways to curate the ongoing experience of culture - recognising that is evolving daily and influenced by every action in the business

Connected people strategy

Helping organisations connect to what really matters for their people, and developing executive alignment around its execution

Simplifying structures

Simplifying complex organisation structures, through organisation design and development of clear decision structures. Building a culture of collaboration by using networks and communities of practice for more pace

Compelling communications

Transitioning internal communications teams into drivers of genuine engagement, shifting “tell” to dialogue, and developing networks of engagement leaders through businesses

Empowering governance

Revisiting organisations ways of working - ensuring process and decision making creates the conditions for empowerment and accountability across the business

What does this look like in practice?

Our projects are always tailored to your own particular context, but could include:

  • Defining vision and purpose with the Executive – articulating it in an engaging narrative and message tree across the organisation
  • Values and behaviours definition – developed with employees for employees
  • Culture audit – determining current and desired culture using the latest tools
  • Decision making audits – defining and embedding processes for appropriate divergence, exploration, convergence, decision making and execution
  • Targeted organisation redesign – specialisms in leadership structures, function and matrix
  • Reviewing and creating formal and informal collaboration networks across the business to cut across silos
  • Creating 21st century communication and engagement strategies – ensuring the tools, teams and skills are ready and able to deliver

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