Stability is a façade: just like the apparent stability of the acrobat, there is constant change and adjustment required


Navigating a world of continual change

Once the province of large scale transformation projects – “change” is now something that every organisation, leader and employee needs to work with day to day. In our messy complex environments our ability as individuals and groups to be comfortable with uncertainty, embrace creativity and experimentation, and be curious in what emerges – is a critical component of success.

This requires a different approach not only in how we deliver formal change projects – but in our whole mindset to change, large and small, across the organisation.

How we can help

The Centre path has extensive experience in supporting and delivering change programmes for organisations, but we really start to shine when we are engaged in the bigger question of how can we change the way we relate to change as an organisation:

Putting people at the heart of change projects

Turning traditional change management on its head. Focusing on not “how we bring people along” – but “how do we put employees in the driving seat” and inform, involve and inspire employees

Turning change into a daily mindset

Supporting leaders and employees to develop comfort in uncertainty, embrace complexity and work with emergence

The psychology of agile working

Helping business leaders to understand new iterative ways of working, bridging the gap between innovation in technology and business approaches and readiness for change

What does this look like in practice?

Our projects are always tailored to your own particular context, but could include:

  • Leadership and employee development courses on leading through change, resilience and comfort in uncertainty
  • Designing and delivering change management and engagement for large scale change
  • Articulation of strategy execution
  • Review and design of modern change functions – moving to light touch business led governance
  • Partnering with technology transformation to bring agile working into business, not just IT

Let us improve your business!