Our Philosophy

Our Purpose: To make a difference in the world, by helping organisations fully play their role as vessels of change in society and in their employees, customers and stakeholders lives
“let us become vessels to catch the dew of enlightenment”
Our Mission: To curate an experience for organisations, leaders and employees that builds reflection, connection, purpose and knowledge of self. Helping them to explore the paradox of multiple  and seemingly conflicting ways of working to find a new way forward. Allowing them to navigate the complex world we operate in with skill, balance, right intention, and passion. Through this, support organisations to grow and deliver and achieve the business results that allow them to be influences in society

Our Founder

Beth King is an internationally experienced organisation development consultant, and business psychologist, passionate about helping organisations grow and deliver through a combination of business process and strategy improvements, partnered with a mobilisation of people, leadership and culture.

With an initial grounding in financial services, Beth has spent the last 15 years working with a wide variety of organisations in multiple industries, helping leadership teams and boards address the challenges and opportunities presented to them.

Beth is deeply committed to the philosophy that the way you do things is as important as what you do, and The Centre Path takes a facilitative approach to client work, helping individuals and teams develop their own understanding, ideas and solutions whilst experiencing new ways of working through the delivery of their day to day work.

Beth has a BSc in Psychology from York University, a Marketing diploma from CIM, and more recently has a distinction in Occupation Psychology MSC from Birkbeck. She has been a senior consultant with  a number of consulting firms including IBM, Stonecourt and azzur, before setting up her own company in 2015.

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We believe our societies future lies in our ability to collaborate and co-create with diverse minds and experience, and our field of work is no different. We work closely with a handful of organisations with some truly exceptional people

RISE Beyond

Working to make sense of the messy reality of the world we live and work in.

Stonecourt Consulting

Helping organisations succeed faster


Releasing the power of people to deliver phenomenal performance

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Some words that you will hear us referring to time and time again!

Emergence and Experimentation

Reflection and Exploration

Dialogue and conversation

Engage and Empower


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