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Being in business today is messy, complex, fast paced and uncertain. But you know what? We don’t think that is a problem. Actually it’s an exciting opportunity to experiment, learn and grow.

We are here to be partners on that journey – combining our deep experience and the latest thinking in business,  psychology, sociology and management to help organisations, and the individuals and teams that lead them, to navigate their way.

We are all facing competing needs such as how do we balance a social purpose with delivering profit, embrace the creativity in uncertainty and yet still set direction, keep things simple without losing the opportunity of complexity, reflect as leaders whilst also acting fast. We embrace this paradox – exploring the creative tension to find the central path between conflicting needs, ideas and approaches together and helping you respond consciously and elegantly.

History & Future
Complex & Simple
People & Process
Reflect & Act
Fast & Measured
Theory & Practice
Purpose & Profit
Emerge & Direct


We love & know what we do

Centred Organisations

Crafting organisations that have inspiring purposes, vibrant cultures and empowered collaboration, underpinned by the right strategy, structures and processes

Centred Leadership

Inspiring leaders to find their own self expression, balancing the latest best practice thinking with their lived experience and sense of self. Curating leadership teams that reflect and learn together

Centred Employees

Creating engaging environments where people can bring their full selves to work, and equipping them with the skills to thrive in a modern fast-paced workplace

Transformation and change

Changing the way organisations approach change – putting people at the heart of the agenda for richer, faster, sustainable transformation


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