The future is not some place we are going to, but one we are creating. The paths are not to be found, but made, and the activity of making them, changes both the maker and the destination

John Scharr

Reflective, authentic leaders who respond consciously and elegantly

Being a leader in a 21st century organisation asks us to be more. It requires us to really pay attention to what is actually happening within our selves, with our colleagues, within our business and outside in the wider world. How we show up as individuals, or groups of leaders – makes the difference.

We work with teams, and individuals – inspiring leaders to find their own self expression, working to develop and balance the latest best practice thinking with their lived experience and sense of who they are themselves and as a group. We work with a model that encourages a “middle way” to leadership mindset, behaviours, relationships and day to day practices.

How we can help

We work closely with leaders, developing reflective practice, sharing ideas and tools, and mentoring groups to work more effectively together:

Our own selves first

All our work starts with the premise that we have to master our selves first. We work with leaders individually and in groups to create the groundwork to being a great leader - from those just starting in leadership, to seasoned CEOs

The power of team

We help teams notice their own group dynamics - from how they behave together and ways in which they collude or dis-empower each other - through to the practicalities of working in a fast paced environment together

Reflection and self determination

All our work with leaders is based on the fundamental principle ``man know thyself``. We help leaders to really connect with who they are . There is no ``right way``. We help leaders try on the latest thinking - and craft themselves into the leaders they wish to be

Working with the real world

Working on our own leadership can feel like a serious business. We bring in the humour and fun - working in experiential ways, and using the day to day business to notice, learn and evolve.

What does this look like in practice?

Our projects are always tailored to your own particular context, but could include:

  • Delivery of cutting edge courses or development sessions on topics such as purpose, complexity and uncertainty, reflective and mindful leadership, authenticity, psychology of change
  • Bite sized interactive presentations
  • Executive team retreats or development workshops
  • Facilitation of leadership conferences – focused on engagement, collaboration and co-development of strategy and action across large leadership groups
  • Wider leadership team effectiveness programmes – bringing the executive and next level of leadership together
  • Delivery of larger scale L&D programmes
  • Leadership profiling using the latest tools, with individual or team coaching

Let us improve your business!